JUNG 2098 REGHE DALI gateway
8 Mayıs 2017
JUNG 2142 REG KNX Bereichs-/Linienkoppler
8 Mayıs 2017
Tümünü Göster

JUNG 2132.6 UP KNX Schaltaktor UP 2fach 6 A mit

Flush-mounted switch actuator, 2-gang with satellite input

2 make contacts, 2 binary inputs
ETS product family: Output
Product type: Binary output

Intended use

  • Switching of electrical loads for AC 230 V mains voltage
  • Installation in appliance box to DIN 49073
  • Connection with enclosed terminals

Product characteristics

  • Two binary inputs for potential-free contacts, usable as extension inputs for local operation
  • Operation as NO or NC contacts
  • Feedback function for each output
  • An additional function for each output: logical, forced-position or time function
  • Time functions: switch-on delay, switch-off delay, staircase lighting timer
  • Supply via bus, no additional power supply necessary
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