JUNG 2002 REG Power supply, 640 mA
8 Mayıs 2017
JUNG 2132.6 UP KNX Schaltaktor UP 2fach 6 A mit
8 Mayıs 2017
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JUNG 2098 REGHE DALI gateway

DALI gateway

Rail mounting device, 4 rail units
with manual electronic operation and LED status indication
ETS product family: Illumination
Product type: Dimmer

Intended use

  • Controlling of luminaires and other applications with DALI operating device in KNX installations e.g. electronic ballast
  • Installation on DIN rail according to EN 60715 in distribution boxes

Product characteristics

  • Control of up to 64 DALI devices in up to 32 groups
  • Individual, group or central addressing
  • Suitable for operation in emergency lighting systems
  • 16 light scenes
  • Effect control for dynamic lighting effects or colour games
  • Read out DALI device state via KNX, e.g. brightness or luminaire error
  • Manual operation of the DALI groups
  • Restraint
  • Feedback of switching state and brightness value in bus and manual mode
  • Collective feedback
  • Central switching function
  • Disabling function for each DALI group
  • Separate ON and OFF delay
  • Staircase lighting timer with pre-warning function
  • Corridor function: when combined with motion detectors, reduced continuous lighting, if no motion is detected
  • Online or offline project planning of the DALI devices with ETS plug-in
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Surge protection
  • Overload protection
  • Operating hours counter
  • Signal of the global switching status of the DALI devices, e.g. to switch off the mains voltage of the DALI devices to avoid standby losses
  • An individual DALI device can be exchanged during operation without software
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